LIPSGENE® Kits/Reagents


Depending on the target, the LIPSGENE® Kits are intended for either real-time PCR quantification or qualitative analysis of viral or bacterial DNA/ RNA in clinical samples, e.g. EDTA plasma, serum, sputum etc. Concerning some targets, a novel homogenous assay allows, besides quantification of distinct targets, also detection of known polymorphisms, performing genotyping at the same time.
Several kit versions for distinct real-time PCR platforms are avail­able depending on the kind of PCR vessel used, e.g. for instruments supporting:

  • 0.2 ml regular profile 8-well/strip PCR tubes and cap strips
    (RP; e.g. ABI PRISM® 7000/ 7300/ 7700 SDS [Applied Biosystems/ Life Technologies], iCycler IQ™; IQ5 [Bio-Rad], MX3000P, Mx3005P [Stratagene]; Mastercycler® ep realplex [Eppendorf])  
  • single 0.2 ml PCR Tubes with attached cap
    (ST; e.g. Rotor-Gene™ 3000/ 6000, Rotor-Gene Q [Qiagen]; LineGene K [Bioer])
  • 0.1 ml low profile 8-well/strip PCR tubes and cap strips
    (LP; e.g. , 7500 Fast [Applied Biosystems/ Life Technologies], MiniOpticon™, CFX96 [Bio-Rad])
  • 20 µl LightCycler glass capillaries (LC; e.g. LightCycler 2.x)
  • 25 µl SmartCycler tubes (SC; e.g. SmartCycler® [Cepheid])
  • 20 µl DX-12 reaction tubes (SP; e.g. Spartan Dx-12 [Spartan Bioscience Inc.]).

The kits are not intended for screening of blood or blood products.

(more information: LIPSGENE® – Pathogen Detection)

Explanation of the LIPSGENE® Gene Expression Quantification Kits
The LIPSGENE® Kits are real time PCR amplification tests for quantification of target cDNA in clinical samples. All kits include standard tubes, stably coated with given amounts of synthetic standard DNA that will be amplified in parallel with the samples. To analyse the nucleic acids in the samples, the kits contain also sample tubes or strips coated with the same amplification enhancer matrix which is borne in the standard tubes, so as to guarantee the same amplification environment for both the standards and the samples.

(more information: LIPSGENE® – Gene expression quantification)